Safety information

Palytoxin is a substance found in some varieties of Zoanthid and Palythoa corals in varying degrees of concentration. It is documented as having the potential to cause serious adverse reactions to humans. Anecdotal and written evidence suggests these reactions can range from mild skin irritation to visual impairment, breathing problems and even death.

Palytoxins can be released during periods of stress from the Zoanthids/Palythoas. This may include (though not exhaustive of) general handling, dipping, fragging and gluing. To reduce any risk to ourselves personally, Fragging Mad undertake the following actions (as a minimum) when handling and fragging Zoanthids and Palythoas:

  • Always wear personal protective equipment. ie gloves,safety goggles and face mask

  • Never frag around children, pets and animals

  • Never allow children to handle Zoanthids/Palythoas

  • Thorough washing of hands & nails after handling corals

With the above information in mind, and while we want you to enjoy the beautiful corals available to you, it is strongly recommended that further reading is undertaken to fully understand and minimize the risks associated with these coral species, as we cannot be held responsible for any incidents caused by any corals purchased from Fragging Mad.