Live arrival guarantee

Here at Fragging Mad we understand the concerns which may be felt by some of our prospective customers with regards to what to expect when their corals arrive. It is important to us that our customers have full confidence in the service we provide and we have worked hard to ensure that all of our live stock is arrives in tip top condition.

We will only ever dispatch healthy, well rested frags and have worked hard on our packaging techniques. We have devised a shipping method which works really well, using quality shipping products, therefore virtually eliminating all risk of damage and leakage in transport.

We are so confident that your corals will arrive to you perfect condition, we are pleased to offer a Live Arrival Guarantee on all of our livestock products. This means that in the rare event your Zoas/Corals do not survive during shipping, we will guarantee a refund or replacement of the affected items (excluding postage costs). To qualify for this guarantee, the following criteria must be adhered to:

  • Items must be accepted and signed for on the first pre-arranged delivery attempt

  • Photographic evidence to be provided within 2 hours of the item being signed for, showing the affected item in its original/unopened packaging


Any concerns regarding the health of delivered corals, must be highlighted to us, before the corals are placed in your tank. Once the items are placed in your tank, responsibility is transferred and we are not responsible for any losses which may be a result of the acclimatization process, differences in tank parameters, positioning or lighting conditions.